Greeting from the Federal Minister for Education and Research

Education and upbringing are the keys to individual chances in life and are the engine for cultural, social and economic development. Educational activity strives to provide children with the instruments to allow them to unfold their talents in the best way possible.
At the Jewish Traditional School Talmud Torah children and youths are taken seriously – in terms of their curiosity and their talents, their need for relationships and orientation, and both their educational sucesses and difficulties. Learning and achievement, support and encouragement have been fostered intensively here since 2005. The philosopher Odo Marquard made us aware of the fact that a future needs a past. In this sense, an important goal of the tuition at the Jewish Traditional School is to provide a solid foundation in Jewish values for the pupils. Only those who know their own history can take root in the present; only those who learn the traditions and rituals of their own faith can understand the religious ideas of others. The Jewish Traditional School makes it possible to educate individual personalities in this comprehensive sense.

The students therefore have the best prerequisites for living a consciously Jewish life in the midst of our society, and for assuming responsibility for themselves and for others according to their faith.

The Jewish Traditional School has grown solidly since its foundation. This is a good sign for Jewish life in Berlin. The construction of the new Jewish Traditional School on the grounds of the Educational Centre will begin a new phase in its development. For the planning and realisation of the building project I wish you all the best!