What is the Jewish Campus?

The Jewish Campus aims to become a lively meeting place for kids and for adults, with something to offer everyone from birth to adulthood: a day care center, kindergarten, school, youth club, sport and reacreation center and a hall for celebrations.

The Jewish Campus welcomes everybody with open arms and will not only serve the needs of children, but will also be a centre for seminars and conferences for students and adults. Besides various recreational activities, open to everyone, we are planning to offer training courses and further education for teachers.

The Jewish Campus is to be built on the grounds of the Chabad Educational Centre. The campus will provide barrier-free access for everyone, is centrally located and has good local transport connections.

Surrounded by a park, a sports centre and several playgrounds will be built in close proximity to the building. The synagogue‘s immediate neighborhood provides an important connection to the Jewish community for children and their families.